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The New #CXX

If you need all the features of the #CX (ultra-low volume flow-through cell for transmission spectroscopy), but want an even higher temperature, the new #CXX will deliver all this for you. Operating across a range from ambient to 800degC, this cell is ideal for catalyst studies and other gas-solid interaction studies. External cooling, gas inlet-outlet connections, demountable windows are just some of the special features provided by this advanced design. Available now!

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Direct Evolved Gas Analysis/FTIR

AABSPEC introduces an up-dated version of the well proven #EGA/500 for Direct Evolved Gas Analysis/ FTIR. The #EGA/500 is designed for thermal analysis, materials stability, decomposition processes, headspace analysis, residual solvent analysis, gas-solid reactions and thermal release from absorbents. Controlled gas environment (flow through or sealed with variable pressure) combined with variable sample capacity ensure an optimal analysis and wide choice of experimental parameters.

The #EGA/500 comes packaged with the new #STP-6 Software based Temperature Programmer, so the sample stage can be programmed for multiple temperature ramps and cycles. Exceptional sensitivity (ppb levels) and convenience of operation are combined with the power and speed of full range infrared analysis.

The system can also be easily adapted for conventional TGA/FTIR analysis if desired, but the availability of stand alone Evolved Gas Analysis/FTIR makes the #EGA/500 a powerful instrument with many applications in polymers, pharmaceuticals, materials research, catalysts and reaction studies.

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Horizontal LARI (Large Angle Reflectance Infrared)

AABSPEC introduces a new facility for the powerful #2000-A Multi-Mode System. A new Horizontal LARI (Large Angle Reflectance Infrared) Option is now available. This FTIR spectroscopy facility is useful for powders, thin films, liquids and difficult to analyse samples under a wide temperature range (-170degC to 950degC) and pressure range (ultra-high vacuum to 2000psi). The new option provides both a means of introducing a direct read-out thermocouple or an additional vacuum pumping port. Solid gold reflecting surfaces provide optimal optical performance and no further optics are required. This new facility can be used with all popular FTIR spectrometers and can be retrofitted to all existing #2000-A systems.

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