TGA/FTIR Interfacing: The Added Dimension.

If you have both TGA and FTIR, we can bring the two techniques together and greatly enhance the TGA data. AABSPEC makes it easy to get this added information. Unlike other TGA/FTIR interfaces which have recently come to the market, the AABSPEC system is tough, reliable and easy to use. Naturally you get the advantages of the AABSPEC high performance, low volume light-pipes. The possibility of system contamination must be considered in the TGA application. As you might expect, we've taken care of this and the system can be easily cleaned if necessary. Our simple screw down windows can be replaced in a couple of minutes, with a sure seal. If necessary, the light-pipe can be cleaned by conventional cleaning methods. So for the toughest problems, we've made it easy.

The TGA/FTIR package comes complete and ready to use. We provide a choice of three light-pipes to suit your FTIR detector whether it is DTGS, MCT (B) or MCT (A). Just specify your FTIR instrument and detector and we'll format the system to suit. You can use any FTIR and any TGA which has an exhaust port. Connection to the TGA is by 1/16"coupling. If you need assistance with this connection we'll help. We can even provide a heated connection at this point if required.Temperature controlled Heated Transfer Line is available in two standard lengths (16"/0.4m or 30"/0.8m) or in special lengths, as required.

If you have both TGA and FTIR, we strongly recommend you consider interfacing the two techniques. The cost is not high, the system is easy to install and operate, the information you get is dramatically enhanced.

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