This new unit gives you the Transflectance advantages at a very attractive cost, while meeting the needs of a wide range of applications. The cell body is formed in a single piece of 316 grade stainless steel. Connections are via 1/16" stainless steel tubing feeding directly into the sample cavity. Pathlength is stepwise variable from 50 microns to 2mm. At the short pathlength, the volume of the cell is only 1 ul and the cell can be used to handle the most strongly absorbing samples, like water based materials. The standard window is heavy duty ZnSe with alternative windows easily installed into the screw down mounting. The #RAX operates at ambient temperature and can be used at pressures of up to 2000psig. Typical applications include both normal and reversed phase HPLC/FTIR Interfacing. The unit comes with integral optics, ready to simply install into your 2" sample compartment slide.

Optical Principle

High quality engineering is combined with correct optical sampling in our transflectance optical technique. The beam is reflected from a mirror surface so that it enters the cell at near normal incidence. Having passed through the window it then passes through the entire sample and is reflected from the backwall of the cell to again pass through the sample before being returned to the spectrometer. This ensures proper transmission-like spectra, generated from the entire sample. So even non-homogeneous samples are properly recorded. Detector non-linearity is overcome because some radiation is always reflected back from the front surface of the window. Hence the FTIR detector never operates at low energy, even for strongly absorbing samples. so improving quantitative accuracy. The generated spectrum is free of interference fringes allowing easy and clean spectral subtraction.

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