#RA4000-EXP Applications

Fatty Acid Decomposition
In these studies, the #RA4000-EXP provides access to the complete mid-infrared, as illustrated in the first spectrum shown. The spectra are of 1% lauric acid in carbon tetrachloride. As the spectrum is free of interference fringes, spectral subtraction is clean and precise. The spectrum was taken at 260degC and 900psig.Total scans 64 at 4 wavenumber resolution. The deconvuluted spectra in the C=O region show the compositional changes with time. The upper spectrum is taken initially, the center spectrum is taken after 10 min. and the lower spectrum is taken after 35 min.
Jet Fuel Oxidation
Looking at jet fuel under high pressure and high temperature conditions was a challenging first application for a new product. But this is just the type of demanding application for which the #RA4000-EXP was designed. JP7 jet fuel is treated in a reactor and then passed through the #RA4000-EXP mounted in the spectrometer so that the material is examined while still under reactor conditions. The three spectra shown illustrate time dependent changes under high pressure/high temperature conditions.
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