PEAKMAX: The Packaged System for Spectroscopists.

We designed the fabulous PEAKMAX specially for to-days spectroscopist. With the PEAKMAX you get the performance of a superb system which releases all the power of your FTIR. This technique is FTIR at its best. Our pioneering work (dating back to 1975) has allowed us to make major innovations in GC/FTIR. We put all our know-how together for you in the PEAKMAX. There's just nothing like it!

The heart of the system is our unique high performance, ultra low volume light-pipe in solid gold. No compromise in GC performance, no compromise in FTIR performance. Only AABSPEC can give you this level of inertness in a single pathway system. This quality of high temperature optical performance. This level of sensitivity combined with fully optimized chromatography. Only from a correctly designed and built light-pipe. With programmable, true capillary separations. And simplicity. We put it all together in a single compact unit which drops into your sample compartment. You don't have to be a GC expert. Our unique design takes care of the GC complexities for you. All of the data is generated by your FTIR. Automatically, through your GC/IR software package. Just make a sample injection and go for lunch. The results are available when you get back. The PEAKMAX -its as easy to use as a routine sampling device. Its performance will delight you.

The PEAKMAX comes in two capillary versions. The PEAKMAX-4 gives high performance capillary separations. Its ultra low volume solid gold light-pipe (less than 20ul) is designed for small area MCT (A) detectors. The system comes with a l5m non-poplar, bonded phase, thick film, 0.32mm id column. The column comes installed in a special column module. A full range of column types is available, you can even install your own if you like. The injection system is split or direct. Fully optimized flow rates of down to 0.3ml/min without make-up gas. Only AABSPEC can deliver the performance that results from true chromatographic optimization. The alternative version, the PEAKMAX-3, operates with standard MCT (A) detectors and gives excellent capillary separations using a 190ul solid gold light-pipe. All the convenience features of the PEAKMAX for those who do not require the very ultimate in performance.

Whichever system you choose, just connect on the quick connect gas supply and you're ready to go. Your FTIR will do the rest. The PEAKMAX comes with its own mounting table to make installation quick and easy. The Digital Linear Temperature Programming option (LTP-3) further enhances the performance. The PEAKMAX even comes with a heated exhaust port so you can connect on to MS to obtain GC/FTIR/MS, if you wish. Our very low flow rates will help here as well. As a spectroscopist with a good FTIR, you want a powerful system at a reasonable cost and without problems. The PEAKMAX is the answer. Make it simple and effective. All you need is your FTIR and a PEAKMAX.

Peakmax Spectra and Schematic
FURTHER TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Please ask us for your copy of "GC/FTIR for the Spectroscopist", re-printed from Spectroscopy.
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