Company Description
The origins of Aabspec go back to 1975 and the development of new methods for GC-IR, including the invention of the first high performance short light-pipe. Since then, the company has responded to the special needs of spectroscopists in many research areas. The objective has always been to offer something special through new technology, pushing the limits of experimentation. Consequently, Aabspec products have opened up entirely new areas of research for government, university and industrial customers throughout the world. Techniques pioneered include ultra-high temperature spectroscopy for solids, extending the high-temperature/high pressure range for fluids, improved optical collection for variable temperature/pressure Raman microscopy and precision dual-sample comparative spectoscopy.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported
Aabspec's products support ultra-high temperature spectroscopy (to 950o C for solids/450oC for fluids); low-temperature spectroscopy (to -170oC); high pressure spectroscopy (to 10,000psig); vacuum spectroscopy (to 10-8torr); transmission, specular and large angle reflectance; irradiation (UV, etc); Raman; GC-FTIR; TGA-FTIR; LC-FTIR; GPC-FTIR; direct-evolved gas analysis -FTIR; SFC-FTIR; variable temperature/ variable pressure FTIR microscopy; dual-sample comparitive spectroscopy; Raman microscopy and special application products. The company's products cover IR, near-IR, Far Infrared, VIS, and UV optical ranges

Markets Served
All international markets for advanced spectroscopic products are served, including special product design to customer specification. Most Aabspec customers are engaged in advanced research. Aabspec products are in use in more than 25 countries around the world. Outside the U.S. and Canada, marketing is handled by Aabspec International Ltd. (Ireland).

Customer Support
All products are designed to be user installable. We provide ongoing support and technical advice plus upgrade designs and special add-ons for specific customer applications.

Major Products
  • #2000-A Multi Mode FTIR System provides the highest temperature available (+950°C) and the widest range of optical techniques and experimental conditions. A major tool for catalyst researchers.
  • #S System provides the widest range of techniques for polymer research, including UV irradiation, dual sample comparative spectroscopy, variable-temperature/variable-pressure Raman and other spectroscopies, Raman microscopy, etc.
  • #RA4000-EXP provides unmatched fluids capability for flow-through or static sampling at pressures to 4000psig and temperatures to 450°C. Variable pathlength allows full range transmission-like spectra from entire sample in IR and near-IR. Raman conversion also available.
  • #EGA/500 Direct Evolved Gas Analysis/FTIR System installs in the sample compartment and is designed for decomposition, off-gassing, contamination analysis, residual solvents, environmental studies, etc.

Aabspec designs and manufactures all hardware and electronics in-house. We operate our own machine shop with computer based machining using leading U.S. manufactured machine tools. This has enabled us to develop a range of special machining techniques for stainless steel and other special materials to eliminate the use of welds in any of our products and ensure exceptional quality.

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