The IX10 : Integrated GC/FTIR Interface.

In situations where a conventional GC must be used as part of the GC/FTIR system, we provide the IX10. This is a very high performance, compact unit, which bolts on to the side of the GC. Almost all popular gas chromatographs can accept the IX10. So you can use the instrument of your choice. The IX10 offers the same level of superb performance as the PEAKMAX and can operate with virtually all FTIR spectrometers.
The IX10 comes in versions to suit all FTIR instruments. IX10-3 for MCT (A) and IX10-4 for Small Area MCT (A) detectors. Both come with solid gold light-pipes, integrated heated transfer system and dual digital temperature control, packaged with our advanced engineering into a compact unit. The IX10-3 gives true capillary performance while the IX10-4 is for high performance capillary work. No make-up gas is required. Installation is really easy with the IX10 mounting table. You can operate the IX10 in the FTIR sample compartment, but if you are using a large GC you will find it easier to mount the IX10 in a separate optical bench. The quality of the IX10 design is illustrated by the IX10-4 which can operate down to 0.3ml/min flow rates without make-up gas, delivering 80,000 theoretical plates separation from a 50m column after the light-pipe when the effluent is returned to the GC Flame Ionization Detector. With the IX10 systems, the normal gas chromatograph detectors can be used in addition to obtaining the FTIR data. You get the best from both your FTIR and your GC. Unmatched inertness, no compromise chromatographic resolution plus the best FTIR performance from your instrument. Only from AABSPEC.
IX10 Schematic. IX10 Spectra.
FURTHER TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Please ask for your copy of " An Integrated GC/FTIR System", re-printed from American Laboratory.
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