#GlO: Gases, The Right Way.

You have only to see our 10cm gas cell to immediately recognise that it is in a class of its own. About the only feature it has in common with other 10cm gas cells is the 10cm length. The AABSPEC #GIO is designed to do the job and keep on doing it even if it's dropped on the floor! A beautifully sculptured body formed in a single piece of 316 grade stainless steel is the result of our exacting design detail. The two gas ports are part of the original block of steel and come fitted with high quality 1/8" connections. You can make reliable, gas tight connections and correctly install whatever high quality valving you require for your system. The window size is standard and conventional KBr or NaCI windows can be used. Windows are fully demountable with o-ring seals. Part of the assembly includes a 2" slide to allow you locate the cell in the standard IR sample mount. Pressure rating is from vacuum to 15psig (2 bar). The #G10 is thing of beauty, properly engineered to give you reliable gas sampling for a lifetime.

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