EGA 500 Applications

Decomposition Study

The spectra shown opposite are of vapor released from an adhesive tape when heated to 400 degC in Nitrogen (upper spectrum) and in Air (lower spectrum). This thermal decomposition process can also be studied in progress as a function of time and/or temperature using the AABSPEC Digital Linear Temperature Programmer.

Head Space Analysis

The analysis of head space gases is next illustrated. The upper (reference) spectrum is of a commercial turpentine sample. This is compared with the spectrum for the vapor released from a paint sample (center) and from a varnish sample (lower spectrum). Again the study is readily extended as a function of temperature or other factors affecting the head space composition.

Component Failure

Failure investigation of a commercial O-ring seal as a result of solvent damage is illustrated by the spectra opposite. The upper spectrum is a reference vapor spectrum of toluene compared against the vapor released from a small fragment of the failed O-ring (lower spectrum). An otherwise difficult problem is easily solved using the EGA500.

Raw Material Contamination

Contamination of Polypropylene beads is shown in the lower spectrum obtained for the vapor released from a small sample of the beads. This is matched to the reference spectrum of dichloromethane shown at the top of the figure, providing a quick means of identifying the contamination.

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