Discrete Component GC/FTIR Systems:

Our Discrete Component GC/FTIR Systems provide an economical and convenient way to interface any GC to any FTIR. Choose between three versions to suit your requirements. All versions give you the benefits of low-volume, solid gold light-pipes unmatched in inertness and high temperature optical characteristics. Good energy throughput is combined with excellent flow design. These systems are robust and engineered to the high standards of excellence that you expect from AABSPEC. Precision AABSPEC Digital Temperature Control locks the light-pipe temperature exactly where you want it, with quick stability and no FTIR baseline ripple. A choice of temperature controlled Heated Transfer Lines makes connection back to the GC simple and sure. All systems are available with optional double sided mounts. These make installation and throughput optimization really easy. They even allow you to run conventional IR samples while the GC/FTIR system is installed.

The #26G system is designed for Capillary GC/FTIR. It requires an FTIR running automatic GC/IR software and fitted with an MCT (A) detector. The transfer line connecting the GC to the light-pipe is a double line, with a return leg bringing the GC effluent back to the GC for normal GC detection after the light-pipe. A very highly inert sample pathway is formed with this system.

Really high performance packed column or megabore capillary GC/FTIR is provided by the #36G system. This light-pipe requires an MCT (B) detector. Fully automatic GC/IR software is not essential. The FTIR can be manually triggered when the GC peak is observed by a GC detector operating between the end of the column and the light-pipe. In addition, the transfer line supplied contains a special by-pass valve which allows the GC peak to be "parked" in the light-pipe for increased scan times. This facility substantially improves the quality of spectra for trace components.

For users with standard DTGS detectors, the #66G system provides packed column or megabore capillary GC/FTIR. The system is essentially the same as that described for the #36G above, including the by-pass valve feature. The requirement for high scan speeds is removed and even the least sophisticated FTIR instruments can be used. The availability of GC/FTIR for such low cost instruments is not as widely known as it should be. With low cost instruments, installing GC/FTIR gives tremendous performance for cost. Every FTIR is capable of really worthwhile GC/FTIR with an AABSPEC system. The choice is yours!
Typical Applications
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