By V. J. Rossiter, ISBN 0-9527768, 2nd edition published 1998, 168 pages.

USA $44.00 International Euro 42.00.

This text provides a concise and unified treatment of the major topics of classical electromagnetism. It is popular with those working in the areas of physics, chemistry, engineering, spectroscopy, etc. and with students of these subjects.

Reader comments

“I wish I had it at university!”

"A handsome and lucid publication"



General Interest


“The Devil’s Vortex”

By John Devlin, UK & Ireland Edition ISBN 0-9527768-2-0, published December 8, 2000, pages 298, fiction.

Now available in paperback in Ireland from all Hughes & Hughes bookstores at Euro 7.60.

US Edition, ISBN 0-9527768-1-2.

A story based on historical events in Ireland and the USA and written as a thriller. A love story wrapped in scientific espionage and terrorism.


Reader comments

"When I got this book it was like Christmas all over again. I've read it from cover to cover and enjoyed every bit of it. Now I am lending it to friends and they are all enjoying it!"

D. Maxwell, Research Scientist, Alberta, Canada.

"A distilled view of life is my summary of this book. I did enjoy it. I loved the unique view of people. Brilliant!"

P. Fox, Technology Manager, New York, USA.

"Many books come across my desk but this one gripped me from the start. It has everything - strong characters, a fast moving plot and an unforgettable ending."

 Tony Canavan, Literary Consultant, Dublin, Ireland.



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